Strategic leadership grounded in advanced analytical expertise makes Rich an invaluable partner in transformation and growth

Who We

R.J. Patz, Inc. is a dynamic consulting practice with specialized technical expertise in data science, statistics, and measurement, and with specialized business expertise in leveraging technology for organizational transformation and success. We help ambitious organizations and their leadership teams successfully navigate complex changes with clear vision, coherent strategy, high fidelity metrics, and disciplined execution.

Founded in 2003, we have been providing expert and timely services to clients in business enterprises, government agencies, universities, and research organizations.

Our founder and President, Dr. Richard J. Patz, Ph.D., has a distinguished record of professional and executive experience in the fields of statistics, educational research, psychometrics, and assessment technology. He has worked in academic and industry settings, and has held senior technical and executive roles in large and small organizations.

We Do

Through careful listening, focused research, and collaborative problem solving, we help organizations reach and surpass their goals for quality, value, and performance. We support our clients’ efforts to ensure the scientific integrity, validity, and competitive advantage of their mission-critical information resources, and to modernize the technologies upon which these assets rest. We help our clients with all aspects of setting priorities, managing change, monitoring progress, and measuring success. Dr. Patz also provides instruction and training in measurement, mathematics, statistics, and data science.

Richard J.
Patz, Ph.D.

Rich Patz is a versatile executive and consultant with a distinguished record of leadership and service. With recent experience focused on transformation in large-scale educational assessment organizations, Rich has the technical expertise, organizational leadership experience, and personal energy required to guide diverse organizations through complex changes. Ambitious or imperative transformations may require re-evaluation of foundational methods, rapid modernization of essential tools, organizational re-design, corporate mergers/acquisitions, or a combination of these approaches. Rich’s education, experience and skills make him an invaluable partner on the journey of organizational transformation and growth.

Rich earned a PhD in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, and he has conducted and published influential research on quantitative methods in social sciences. Today he uses his technical expertise to help organizations discern truly consequential innovation in a landscape cluttered with technology hype and passing fads. In organizations with deep expert practices, this discernment is advanced by establishing a deliberate balance of scientific and business perspectives with clear accountabilities, a broadly applicable innovation-accelerating governance approach with which Rich has extensive experience.

We Serve

We serve organizations undertaking ambitious changes. Our clients and their needs are diverse, and our services are tailored to each. Common challenges we help clients navigate with specialized skill and experience are listed below.

Growth strategy and execution.  Acquiring new technologies or business capabilities can accelerate the realization of strategic objectives.  Successful execution requires clear rationale, coherent strategy, effective communication, and exceptional attention to detail at every step.  Rich has personally led multiple strategic acquisitions of technology (e.g., artificial intelligence, machine learning, and adaptive testing) companies by large enterprises accelerating expansion of critical capabilities.  We know the ropes and pitfalls and can help business leaders develop and execute strategic growth initiatives successfully.

Technology transformation. Even successful organizations with rich traditions and well-established methodologies will find tremendous opportunities or competitive imperatives in the adoption of new technologies for performing their work. Moving analysts onto open-source platforms? Digitalizing a critical business process or supply chain relationship? Successful transformation demands a solid strategy, and balanced attention to technology, scientific/expert, and business perspectives. We can help with strategy, planning, governance, and execution.

Measurement science. Organizations involved in measurement—educational, behavioral, employment, or certification—will find that we offer highly expert and practical guidance. We have performed educational assessment design work for the United States Department of Education, the Council of Chief State School Officers, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, individual states, and for many of the largest and most innovative testing organizations in the United States. We have also developed and validated measurement instruments in healthcare and other industries. Where high quality measurement based on strong validity evidence is required, we bring authoritative expertise to support design, development, research, and validation.

Advanced instruction, specialized training, collaborative problem solving. Dr. Patz lectures at universities, is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and industry convening, and delivers specialized training.


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